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   We've been living in Korea for long time and we want to share its beauty with you!

Travelling with us

Unlike mainstream Korean tour companies we offer small group travel, our thinking is that tourism in Asia should turn from quantity to quality. The other point of our tours is that we provide you a tour with a purpose, helping you to experience the magical nature of Korea and its local culture! We prefer to take our clients off the beaten track instead of the usual, uniform package that most companies offer. Having several types of tours, we can meet your needs and have the tour for you.

Our services:

Individual & Group Packages to all regions in Korea including Jeju Island

Eco Tours & Special Incentive Tours on Jeju Island

Scuba Diving Packages, Golf Tours and other Special Interest Tours

Korean Hotels & Airline Reservations

Pre- and Post- Conference & Convention Tours


Our company operated by a foreigner is appreciated by all our clients and Korean media as a fresh approach to travel which is different from the traditional Korean tourism industry. Since 2004 we were rewarded 4 times the Best tour product Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism! In 2004 - 2009 our Tour Product was announced as the Best Inbound Tour Product for foreigners together with another 14 tour products from different regions of Korea.

You can visit our website in Russian: http://www.discoverkorea.co.kr/discover/rundex.htm

We look forward to being of service to you!

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