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SubjectPictures from Anseong Baudeogi Festival2016-07-02 18:10:13

Anseong Namsadang Baudeogi Festival annual festival takes place in Anseong City, about 2 hours from Seoul. The event dates back to Namsadang performances from 100 years ago,??which performed songs and acrobatics in markets and towns. Anseong festival follows the old tradition of this event that the audience becomes a direct part of the performance as they share laughter and thrills with the performers.

The festival consists of tightrope walking, Korean folk drumming, plate spinning, acrobatics and gymnastics on a straw mat, puppet plays and masked dance drama.

The most popular program is tightrope walking when performers stand, jump and twist their body on a rope strung three metres above the ground, giving the audience thrills and fun.

Here are some pictures from 2005 Anseong Baudeogi Festival
Photographer: travel writer Lee Jongwon