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SubjectFestival Calendar (first half of 2006)2016-07-02 18:10:34

Festival Calendar for the first half of 2006

The Inje Pond Smelt Festival
Period: Feb 3-6, 2006
Venue: Kangwondo, Inje-Kun
Description: You can take part in ice fishing competition, smelt-tasting event, among a host of different activities.

First Full Moon Field Fire Festival
Period: End of March,2006.
Venue: Jeju Island
Festival uses an old custom in Korea to set fire to the dry grass in fields and gardens on the day before the first full moon of the lunar new year, to rid the fields of mice and insects that would damage crops in the coming year.

Rapeseed Flower Festival
Period: End of March, 2006
Venue: Jeju Island
The Rapeseed flower is the representative spring wildflower of Jeju Island. The festival is comprised of a photography contest, drawing contest, and various other shows and hands-on events.

Korean Traditional Drink & Rice Cake Festival
Period: March 25-30, 2006
Venue: Gyeongju World Culture Expo Park
The festival will feature traditional beverages and rice cakes of the entire country exhibited in one venue. Here you can sample some rice cakes and try your hand at making rice cakes.

The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival
Period: End of March- April
Venue: Jinhae City
Enjoy Beautiful Cherry Blossoms. This festival is also held in honor of Admiral Yi, Sun-shin, Korea's most famous naval hero, who fought against the Japanese invasions.

World Flower Exhibition, Goyang
Period: Apr 28 - May 10
Venue: Ilsandonggu, Goyang City
World Flower Exhibition takes place in Goyang City, which is close to Seoul

Boseong Green Tea Festival
Period: May 5-9, 2006
Venue: Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
Events will include a demonstration of court tea ceremonies, green tea experience, Boseong sori hanmadang, concert in the tea field, a tea-making contest and much more.

Damyang Bamboo Festival
Period: April30- May8, 2006
Venue: Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do
It is the only traditional culture festival about bamboo in Korea. Programs include Bamboo Ware Fair, Foreign Bamboo Ware Comparitive Exhibition, Bamboo percussion instrument performance, National Bamboo-sword Cutting Fair, Damyang Bamboo Picture Exhibition, and some other events.