Eco Concept

We operate private eco-style accomodation and nature focused tours

Unlike mainstream Korean tour companies we offer small group travel, our thinking is that tourism in Asia should turn from quantity to quality. The other point of our tours is that we provide you a tour with a purpose, helping you to experience the magical nature of Korea and its local culture! We prefer to take our clients off the beaten track instead of the usual, uniform package that most companies offer. Having several types of tours, we can meet your needs and have the tour for you. Our company operated by a foreigner is appreciated by all our clients and Korean media as a fresh approach to travel which is different from the traditional Korean tourism industry. Since 2004 we were rewarded 4 times the Best tour product Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism! In 2004 – 2009 our Tour Product was announced as the Best Inbound Tour Product for foreigners (together with another 14 tour products from different regions of Korea).


The majority of humans lives in highly populated areas under stressful conditions away from nature. Located in the middle of tangerine farms and off the main road our Jejueco Suites having only 10 rooms aim to bring our guests in close contact with nature, being on a tour with us just look at jeju magic skies and clouds, and thus relieve your stress. Our philosophy is to provide guests with intimate contact with nature and wilderness, while using resources responsibly and causing minimal environmental impact.


Eco design, materials:
– designed to meet local weather and climate conditions all our suites facing South and located on a downhill with Mt Halla on back are architecturally designed to minimize energy loss, capturing natural daylight and have access to outdoor views. We are naturally protected from strong winds in cold days and keeps you cool in hot summer
– energy efficient heating and cooling systems, designed to customize temperature by individual zones in each suite, limiting use to specific need,
– with huge floor-to-ceeling system windows and terrace most of our interiors capture natural daylight and have access to outdoor views,
– Extremely efficient Double Glass window Systems from famous eco-friendly Korean maker “Hu-Green”, a highly reflective coating that protects interiors from infrared light. This keeps heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer, reducing the need for energy used for supplemental heat or cooling.
– Electricity is saved through the usage of CFL (compact fluorescent lamp), LED lights, sensor lights and Guest Education through entire hotel, as well as usage of Solar Cells to generate electricity heating boilers for several rooms
– heating and cooling system also controlled by computerized management system that allows hotel rooms to be powered down when not in use and calibrated for specific occupancy expectations,
– floor heating, which runs on each level of the building, reducing direct heat loss and minimizing energy use.


Eco education, client work:
– Green CARD: clients work encouraging to participate in hotel linen programs, or let the hotel know that it’s not necessary to change your sheets and towels every day, reduce the amount of water you use for showering
– Auto Power-off rooms: when you leave your hotel room, taking key out will turn off the AC/heat, lights, TV
– clients participate in hotel recycling programs by placing recyclables in appropriate bins,
– we don’t use or sell disposable products, but basic refill shampoo and bodywash are provided in shower room
– everyone can let hotel management know, by speaking directly to management or writing them a note, that you want them to conserve and that you want to participate
– Instead of leaving bathroom lights (and fans) on all night, it’s wise to pack night lights for hotel stays


Water Usage:

– Our downhill landscape uses natural rain flows; we have mostly local plants that need minimal watering, fertilizers or pesticides.
– No pesticide and dangerous chemicals are used, only eco cleaning products. All Staff and Guests made aware, water is cleaned and reused
– We emphasize diverse measures of rational water use; rooms have only shower booths (no bath tubs in washrooms).
– Rain water harvesting is done for usage of water in cleaning as well as watering the garden

Disposal management:

– We do not use any disposable paper cups, plates etc and do not have practise of food packing at all,
– Clients are encouraged to do waste separation, recycle and waster separation bins available in the rooms.
– Organic part of our waste goes to composting in our garden, we promote these methods to our guests during our eco programs encouraging them to apply this in their daily lives.


Eco-Active style: Being one of the founders of local Jeju Eco-tourism association we support the local programs on conservation of local nature and wild life, opposing to island over development, we educate our clients on important environmental issues introducing Jeju nature through our eco-tours and regular eco meetings held in our hotel.

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Local protection:
From the very beginning all architecture, engineering – design works were planned and done by local Jeju contractors, we follow the same principles in hotel management: local stuff, local food supply, local plants. We recommend restaurants that serve healthy locally grown food and produce. The clients are encouraged to contribute to local environmental programs getting free local

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