What does “Olle” mean?
In the local Jeju dialect “Olle” was originally used to refer to the narrow path between the street and one’s doorstep. However, later this word came to be used more widely across Korea and the word came to mean the series of coastal walking paths in Jeju Island. The charms of the olle walking paths is the picturesque combination of the blue ocean, dark green forests, and the local villages

Olle trails are easy to follow,
there are always route signs like blue and oarnge ribbons knotted around the tree branches or blue arrows on the stone walls, rocks near the seaside and just on the road. At the most popular trails you will find people with backpacks, so if you are in good shape you can just follow Korean hikers, but they walk fast:)

Trails are around 15-20 km per day,
in some parts they follow the seaside roads, it can be just part of a village, a farm or a forest trail, during our tours we introduce 2-3 km highlights of Olle trails when you don’t need to walk the whole day and we will move by car to the next destination. When on Jeju please feel free to ask us any questions, we can always give you some advice on these trails.

For detailed info please visit thier official website http://www.jejuolle.org/?EN