You can do many things on Jeju!

Scuba Diving – diving trips can be arranged to the uninhabited outlying islands of Jeju and have both boat and shore diving trips. You will discover the colorful soft coral gardens and vertical walls, caverns and caves, white sandy seabed’s and reefs of volcanic rock. The fish life is a unique mix of tropical and cold water species. Octopus, lionfish, scorpion fish, grouper, jack, butterfly fish, angelfish, boxfish, and many others can be spotted whilst diving on the magnificent waters of Jeju.
Scuba Diving Trips are conducted by experienced NAUI and PADI Dive Instructors and Dive Masters from our partnership Dive Center “Big Blue 33” providing you the best diving equipment and service, please contact Ralf at

Submarine tour – at a depth of 30metres and a course of around 2.8km long Submarine tour is a great way to see below the surface of Jeju’s splendid seas. Here you can see the world of soft corals and colorful fish all amid a fantastic underwater landscape near Munsom Islet. You may even be lucky enough to see Haenyo (women divers) hard at work.

Yacht tour – Take a relaxing private or group yacht tour on the vast blue waters surrounding our beautiful island, depending on the weather conditions you can do fishing all year around or swimming in summer.

Shooting Contest & Hunting Place – Daeyoo hunting ground is the only private hunting ground in Asia and is located 2km away from Jungmun Tourist Resort and is 1,200,000 pyeong in area. Targets include pheasants living in the vast hunting ground. In addition to the hunting grounds, Daeyoo has an outdoor clay shooting gallery, where guests can choose the gun they prefer to use. The excitement of shooting down the orange plate from the sky will blow all stress away.

ATV Riding – a thrilling experience for participants as they ride all terrain four-wheeled vehicles through the terrains surrounding Mount Halla. The course can take 20 min to an hour to complete.

Jet BoatRide helps you to enjoy Jeju seaside clifs and beautiful coastline on a thrilling jet boat ride. The course will take approximately about 20 min to complete.

Many natural sights like small waterfalls, canyons, lava tubes, craters as well as numerous museums, we will give you recommendations for your free time