Hallasan National Park

is located in the southernmost part of Korea, on Jeju Island. Standing 1,950m above sea level Hallasan is the highest mountain in South Korea, and is a dormant volcano with a lake crater at its summit. The entire area has been designated as a nature preservation zone and UNESCO Natural Biosphere Reserves in an effort to protect the rare plants and animals that inhabit the mountain park. Every season at Hallasan presents a different and spectacular view, but it is most renown for its springtime beauty, when the azaleas are in full bloom. If you want to reach the summit of the mountain you should take the Seongpanak and Gwaneumsa courses and be at the departure point before 9 am. The other courses Yongsil and Eorimok do not go the very top, only to Wiseoreum (1.700 m). Camping is not allowed in Hallasan National Park.

Seongpanak course – Summit (9.6km /about 5 hrs for one-way

Gwaneumsa course – Summit (8.72km/about 6 hours for one-way)

Eorimok course – Wiseoreum (4.7km /about 3 hrs for one-way)

Yongsil course Wiseoreum (3.7km/ about 3 hours for one-way)

Tongnaeko course – South wall Fork and is linked with Wiseoreum (7 km/ about 4.5 hours for one way)

Seokkuram Trail – (1.5 km/ about 1 hour)

Side trails – there are several side trails

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