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SubjectOur tour with Jejueco!2016-11-29 22:34:24

We were very looking forward to this trip as it was on the top 3 of our list for our holidays in South Korea! 

When we arrived, got a lift from Victor, the tour guide who brought us fair away from the confusion of the city to the middle of tangerine trees, in the most pleasant apartment we stayed during the three weeks in Korea. Couldn`t be more comfortable in a one bed apartment with Tv room and a very modern kitchen and bathroom with the usual supplies. We could always count on the guidance during the day, for the tour, and during the evening if we wished to go for a meal with whoever would like to join for dinner in a close korean restaurant. 

Besides the rain during our stay, we always had Victor`s full commitment to show us the island attractions and always in the company of our fellow travelers from around the world - Indonesia, USA, Canada - who we had the pleasure to meet ! 

Thank for the great experience !! 

Estrela and Shane

이전Helpful, accommodating and informative2016-11-29
-Our tour with Jejueco!2016-11-29
다음thanks for a great week2016-11-29