Jejueco Suites & Tours Guest Review


SubjectA relaxing and comfortable place to stay2016-11-29 22:37:47

My friend and I stayed for 2 nights including a 1 day tour. Really loved the rooms with its mini kitchen where one is free to bring in outside food, a spacious living room with very comfortable sofas that invites one to sleep in, a nice bedroom with large bed and well-equipped bathroom. The rooms were cool enough without the air-con which was really nice. No worries about letting insects in when opening the windows for a sniff of the fresh air of jeju as mesh has been out up to keep them out (occasionally, one or two little insects do pay a visit, but that's Mother Nature for you). As our room was located on the ground floor, there was a good view of the garden too with its beautiful flowers. Victor and his staff were friendly and helpful, taking the trouble to ferry us out for dinner and back. The tour around the island was enriching too. 
All in all, the stay was great and certainly meets the expectations I have from the numerous nice reviews I have read about the place before I dropped in an email for a hassle-free booking of the room. 

이전Excellent Facility and Great Staff!!!2016-11-29
-A relaxing and comfortable place to stay2016-11-29
다음Great place!2016-11-29