Jejueco Suites & Tours Guest Review


SubjectBest accommodation and tour!2016-11-29 22:36:09

I discovered this place through internet recommendations and this place surpassed my expectation. I actually booked their Jeju Eco 3 day tour and Jejueco Suites was packaged with the tour. Their tour was fantastic as well as their accommodation. 

The place was beautifully furnished, fully equipped, spacious and super clean. I was on the first floor and I got my own patio with outdoor seating when you want to enjoy the sun in the morning with your coffee. I actually regret not staying there for longer. I will definitely come back again! I had travelled Jeju-do for a week, and moved around and stayed a lot of different places. Jeju-do Suites is definitely my favourite accommodation. 

Both Victor and Alex were great in looking after us. They would drop us off at a convenient location for dinner and pick us up afterwards. These guys are super relaxed and cool. But don't be fooled by their relaxed personalities, these guys have everything planned and will sort everything out for you. So don't worry too much. 

The tour was probably the best tour experience I have ever had. I have travelled alot around Asia and been to a lot of tours. But I always found most tours was always rushed and sometimes it was more stressful than a holiday needs to be. But at Jejueco, I really enjoyed the pace of the tour, and there wasn't any time where I felt I was being rushed and really got to thoroughly enjoy the scenery. The only thing I can complain about is that I wish they had an option for more than 3 days. Since I was staying in Jeju-do for a week. 

Anyways, I had a great time here and met great people! Thanks Victor, Alex and the rest of Jejueco team for being so hospitable and accommodating! 

이전all of us are impressed2016-11-29
-Best accommodation and tour!2016-11-29
다음great tour and hospitality2016-11-29