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SubjectRoyal wedding ceremony2016-07-02 18:16:35

Royal wedding ceremony

In an effort to promote the majesty and grace of Korean royal culture and present a major traditional ceremony to the public, the Seoul Metropolitan Government hosts a reenactment of the royal wedding ceremony of King Gojong and Queen Min in the spring and fall every year. Here are some photos from April 21st ceremony.
This ceremony is an exact reenactment of the royal wedding ceremony of Joseon's imperial family. It offers a great opportunity to see royal costumes and the lifestyle of Joseon dynasty. The traditional royal costumes are spectacular and elegant, and the wedding displays such regal and grandeur distinction.
The reenactment takes place at Unhyeongung Palace, the original site of the royal wedding ceremony on March 21, 1866, for emperor Gojong and his empress Myeongseong. Based on thorough historical research and consultation by the palace?s counsel panel, the event is organized to commemorate the significance of Korean history and to shed some new light on a fading traditional culture.
photos by Olga Vasilieva