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Tour Name: Medical & Wellness Tourism in Korea

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Features of the tour: we are always ready to choose a clinic for you for health tests or treatment!

Kyunghee University Medical Center KUIMS is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers comprehensive diagnostics and treatment with Western and Eastern methods. In the field of oriental medicine, this clinic is considered one of the best in Korea.

Specialization: general diagnostics, neurology, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, dentistry

The clinic offers basic examination packages for men and women, from Monday to Saturday from 8 am (total examination time 2-4 hours). If desired, the patient can independently compile a complex of examinations based on the basic package using items from the list of additional studies.

St. Mary’s Clinic – a modern multidisciplinary clinic, the main areas of treatment: oncological diseases, transplantation of internal organs, treatment of diseases at the cellular level, heart defects, treatment female diseases.

Samsung Medical Center (SMC) – 1,951 beds, has several specialized centers, including an oncology center, more than 110 specialized clinics, a staff of about 6,500 people. Thanks to the Samsung brand and cutting-edge technology, SMC quickly acquired the image of a high-class center, according to the 2007 assessment, it was declared by the Ministry of Health of Korea as the only center that received the highest rating among 86 general clinics in terms of medical services and services.

  we will find a clininc, which suites you the best  for you for health tests or treatment!
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high tech equipment is used for the check ups in the Korean clinics rehab treatment

Чем заняться в перерывах между лечением:

Spa saloons 
There are many luxury spas in Seoul, one of the bottom is the Banyan Tree Club and Spa. This is Asia’s first luxury oriental spa offering massages and treatments based on the traditions of oriental medicine. The center has ten treatment rooms equipped with a private bathroom and a relaxation area. It is especially worth noting the so-called. “traditional” spa package, which includes traditional massages and spa therapies from different countries (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand). In addition, the specialists of the center will select for you the program that best satisfies your wishes and involves all the senses, the highest rating among 86 general clinics in terms of medical services and services.
Time for RELAX! 
In between treatments, you can also visit traditional Korean saunas with various therapeutic pools – with local healing herbs, a pool lined with jade, with coal, with healing mud, as well as just cold water. There are separate low temperature steam rooms, finished with jade, clay, charcoal, salt, etc., with various beneficial effects on breath and skin. For an extra charge, you can order a massage or scrub.
Time for shopping!
We will give recommendations on where to go and what to see. Seoul is a great place for all sorts of shopping, from traditional souvenirs in Insadong Street (such as porcelain and ceramics, paintings, traditional clothes, lacquer miniatures), to inexpensive clothes in the Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets, high-quality electronics in the Yeongsan area, and jewelry made from traditional Korean amethyst in gold or silver frame.

The center of Seoul is full of historical monuments with deep history. A statue of Admiral Lee Sunsin (the inventor of the first ship in history – an armadillo), a statue of King Sejong (the inventor of the modern Korean alphabet – hangul). Visit the oldest and grandest of the five royal palaces of the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongbokgung Palace – “the palace of sunshine and happiness.” In the morning, you can see the costumed changing of the guard ceremony here. To the north of the palace is the residence of the President of the Republic of Korea – Cheongwadae – “The house under the blue tiles.” the area of galleries, antique shops and tea houses – Insadong. Buddhist temple Chogesa.
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