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SubjectWinter "Hi Seoul Festival" starts on Dec 19th2016-07-02 18:20:47

Winter Hi Seoul Festival starts on Dec 19th

The Hi Seoul Festival is back to usher in the chilliest season of the year. The Hi Seoul??Festival, held four times annually ? once per season ? stresses the theme of ?City of Lights? in its winter festival. The festival presents a wonderful opportunity for Seoul residents to bid farewell to 2008 and welcome the new promises of 2009 with ?Lights of Hope.? Organized jointly by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Cultural Foundation, the Hi Seoul Winter Festival will run for 31 days from Dec 19 (Fri) to Jan 18 (Sun).

The <2008 Hi Seoul Winter Festival> will take place at the Seoul Plaza, Cheonggyecheon Stream, and other downtown areas of Seoul.??This is a festival of lights, and the fluorescent light bulbs and light installations decorating the city will turn Seoul into a delightful winter wonderland.

During the festival period, major buildings such as Dongnimmun (Independence Gate), the Sejong Center, and the Seoul Metropolitan Council building, will all be decorated in silver-white lights.??There will be an ice skating rink in the center of Seoul Plaza, and surrounding it will be various light installations, such as chairs, snow sleighs, igloos, and towers.??Surrounding the nearby Cheonggyecheon stream will be snow-covered streets, and a silver-white colored screen will be displayed.??Moreover, a dazzling laser show will take place here every night during the festival.

Nighttime in downtown Seoul will be made even more beautiful by the three hundred trees decorated in white-colored lights, which will line the streets from Gwanghwamun to Sungnyemun.

For detailed information on the festival, please visit the homepage or contact the Dasan Call Center or the Korea Travel Phone.