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SubjectBest tour product Reward and 2006 year results2016-07-02 18:14:53

Best tour product Reward and 2006 year results

December is the best time for tangerine harvest on Jeju and to sum up the year results. We have more and more people coming for our tours every year and this year we provided the filming of several foreign and domestic TV programs in all Korea, doing program schedule planning, finding filming contacts, guiding and interpretation during filming. Many of these TV programs were invited by Korean Tourism Organization to promote Korea as a tourist destination.

The same as last year and year 2004 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has selected our tour product as the Best Tour Product for foreigners. As well as other 14 tour products from different regions of Korea we can use the official certification mark of excellence, which provides assurance to guests that they are purchasing government recommended tours.

Inspite of all the official rewards and TV promotions, the main achievement of our company is of course the good feed back of the people visiting our tours in Seoul, Gyeongju, Jeju etc. Due to the recommendations and positive feed backs people find our website in internet, so we do not have to make much of offline advertisement..))

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Victor, Natasha, Masha.