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Subject2006 as "Visit Jeju-Korea" Year2016-07-02 18:09:25

The year 2006 was appointed as the ??Visit Jeju-Korea?? year.
Selected as "Visit Jeju 2006" by the central government last July, Jeju province has formed the organizing systems
such as a planning group and an organizing committee, and has designed symbolic marks such as a slogan, logos,
characters to actively promote this event.
Based on the draft drawn up on October 4, Jeju has received various opinions through many workshops and
explanatory meetings and has analyzed them.
PR brochures such as ceremonial stamps, posters and leaflets will be made. PR towers and arches will be built as
Jeju is planning to appoint famous entertainers such as Korean wave stars and popular sports stars as honorary
promotion ambassadors who will be recommended on the Internet by 20th, November.
Jeju mineral water, called Jeju Samdasu, which is selling well throughout the nation will have the symbol marks for "Visit Jeju 2006" on the labels to make it public to the nation and world. The Jeju airport will have permanently
stationed offices for the visitors' convenience.
To advertise it abroad, Jeju is planning to conduct FAM-tours and put the event on the Internet such as Daum.
Jeju government has decided to post wide color advertisements in the international airports, participate in the
international tourism exhibition and offer tourism a grand sale to attract tourists.
Jeju will launch a kindness and manner campaign indispensable to carry out "Visit Jeju 2006" successfully.

Source: Jeju Administration Press Center

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