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SubjectPresents for Lunar New Year2016-07-02 18:19:42

Presents for Lunar New Year

Korean New Year "Seollal" this year is celebrated on Feb 7th (the public holidays are on Feb 6-8th). Seollal is expected by everyone preparing presents for relatives, friends, colleagues.

Especially Seollal is great time for supermarkets and internet shopping malls, they have big sales for these holidays. The main criteria for choosing Lunar New Year presents is considered practical use, so you can see present sets of different food products, sesame oil, spam, dried seaweed etc.??

Seollal is a great opportunity to see the modern Koreans wearing traditional costumes "hanbok", most supermarkets have special corners selling New Year presents.

Just before Seollal (Lunar New Year) the clients of the most prestige supermarkets like Lotte can be greeted at the entrance like this.

Here we go, let's see the presents.

Traditional sweets and snacks.??

Shiitaki mushrooms.

Korean Root of Life, Gingseng sets.

Some people prefer to buy a set of semi-dried fish as a present.

Seollal present set can be meat as well.

You can get some sesame oil set as a present.

Let's take care about health, spam and olive oil!

Dried persimmon set.

Apple sets.

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Most Koreans prefer to buy ready packed presents sets or order it on internet, lately the gift certificates or vouchers issued by supermarkets are becoming more popular and some people just give money envelope as a present.

Workers and customers of Hanaro Club, a discount store in southern Seoul, learn how to set the table for an ancestor-memorial service. (Korea Times photo by Park Seo-gang).

Happy Lunar New Year!